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Default Default found a solution for EDM drums

I switched to Reaper from FL Studio a couple months ago and I am really happy with the switch. However I've been pretty frustrated with finding a good solution for making my own drum sounds...it's really easy in FLS and that's what I miss the most about FLS is how easy it is to create drum patterns.

However I finally discovered something really useful for being able to step sequence in Reaper's midi editor...how to name the notes:

This feature really helps solve my frustration because I want to build up some good drum kits for EDM, but it is too complicated without having notes that are explicitly named. Being able to edit drums inside the midi editor is what I feel is key to actually making some good drum sounds.

I really like FPC in FLS, it's a great little drum plugin that lets you stack notes and set up multi-velocity. It's a FLS-only plugin and not a VST, but FLS can be run as a VSTi. I feel like with this mapping I can now do that and then set up some kits with FPC. I also can try some other kits I have found for DirectWave.

I was getting frustrated with the workflow but now it seems like it's more doable. I was looking into Geist but it's a bit out of my price range and has too many features for stuff I prefer doing inside the DAW. However I did discover a really cool drum machine VSTi called Rob Papen Punch. I can't afford it yet but demoing it has impressed me with its sounds and it seems pretty full-featured so I think it's next on my gear todo list.

I also managed to find where to buy it for $40 off and even another $5 or $10 less than that with a quick search for coupon codes for the site: http://www.floridamusicco.com/prodde..._virtual_synth

My ultimate goal with doing drums in Reaper is to create sounds that are as expressive as they are in these two songs...for me the beats really stood out and that's the level of quality I hope to achieve soon with my tracks:


I hope now that I have figured out some solutions I can do something more with drums than using loopsets. Although some of my loopsets sound pretty good it just feels a little like cheating and I can't do much to define my own signature sound if I'm using stuff other people created vs. doing it myself. I hope this post can help others looking to create their own drums for house and other EDM...especially if you have switched over from FLS.

Producing music under Water Wraith (Industrial) and Ra Beats (House):

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