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Default Re: MFB's Return. How Original, New Pictures.

Originally Posted by Latin Groover View Post
Awesome. This graphic pic from kit builder looks awesome...and its not even a real photo! You bought yours 2nd hand didnt you? I would love to see it brand new.
Everything you see there is actually new, there's nothing second hand on that kit. Maybe I should've gone second hand, but the price was still more than reasonable for that ride. Half that of a Zildjian equivalent, for instance. And better to my ears.

I'm currently playing a two piece (snare and bass with hi hat, crash and ride) but I managed to er... break my snare the other week so I'm just waiting for a nice 13x6.5 Yamaha Musashi Oak to come through the mail and I'll be back in business. I haven't played for three weeks!

My guitar is getting a thorough work out.
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Default Re: MFB's Return. How Original, New Pictures.

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
By the way, those sticks are Vic Firth 5As. I came across a shop with some old sticks that haven't been sold for 3-4 years. So these are old Vic Firth 5A's, the way I remember they used to be. They are one hundred times better than the firewood they're trying to flog now.
I agree, my Vic Firth 5AN's are 25yrs old. I bought a case of 20 pair back then. I recently bought a couple of pairs of 7A's....they're floggin' their log with the wood today alright.

BTW, dig your kit and the Brufordish setup. Like the finish.

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Default Re: MFB's Return. How Original, New Pictures.

Wow i just love your kit. the lighter wood on the bass drum hoops really does it for me.
I'd really love to hear how that istanbul ride sounds though, it looks delicious!
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