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Default Guitar player new into drums - What to focus on?

Hi everybody I am a guitar player who have been playing drums 2 months
only, and I am liking it a lot.
My question is, should I study first coordination or rudiments ?
As Idon't have time to work on both things.

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Default Re: Guitar player new into drums - What to focus on?

Welcome to the forum!

There is no either-or, you need to do both.
There's absolutely no way around rudiments. But you also need coordination as soon as you start playing/practicing grooves. If you absolutely feel you have to separate those aspects - I'd say start with rudiments to get basic hand technique skills, then move on to coordination (what I'd call grooves/beats - what else is it?).

I'm a guitarist myself (2.5-3 yrs into drumming now). My approach to the drums was probably untypical: I've been focusing on rudiments/motions a lot and had great progress considering the time I've been drumming but lacking in the grooves/beats department. I do feel it's beneficial to have some speed at my disposal when learning grooves - still much work on coordination but at least I know that my limbs are up to playing their parts individually.

As for hand technique, get some good tutorials or - best option - some lessons with a drum teacher.

Ultimately, both coordination and rudiments are aspects you'll continue to work on for your entire drummer life. Everybody is doing exactly this, some are further down the 'time line' but it's a neverending voyage for everybody. As with any instrument.

To save time I'm trying to do several things at once. But you need some basis before you can do so (e.g. minimum skills for hand technique). I would combine hands & feet but that would already be the first step to learn coordination. Ultimately you want your limbs to work together so get started doing so as soon as you can. Also, try to play everything with your other limb leading (right vs. left hand, right vs. left foot).
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