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Default snare drum head

Hey guys i'm just looking for a snare drum head, do you guys have any suggestions. i wanna stick with remo but if you guys found something better with evans or aqaurian then i'd like to know. i also have a small price range as well so the cheaper the better
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Default Re: snare drum head

Remo, Evans, and Aquarian are all reputable and make great heads. I've never really explored Aquarian heads but that's got more to do with laziness and that I always like what I get from Evans and Remo.

The more pressing question for you is what are you looking for in a head? Dry vs. resonant, coated vs. clear, etc ... ??

I like more than one type of head, but they're always coated. Single ply 10 mil heads like a Remo Ambassador (or Evans G1) are industry standard. Not far behind in popularity is the 2-ply Remo Emperor (or Evans G2) at 14 mil. You really can't go wrong with either of those.

There are a few variations on those like the single-ply in a 12 mil and 14 mil thicknesses for added durability, or 10-ply with a dot, either on top or underneath for dampening and durability, as well as various pre-dampened heads, usually referred to as "dry". I usually avoid those since I can add moongel or tape to dampen a head if I want that (which is pretty much never), but there's nothing you can do to undampen a predampened head.

Personally, I like 12 mil single ply (Ambassador X) or 2 ply Emperors or G2s. I never really know what I'm going to decide on when I head into a drum shop and usually end up flipping a coin.
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