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Default Rogers Cleveland Era Drums

Here's my newest find, a Cleveland era 1965 Rogers kit in a beautiful black diamond pearl finish, thanks.
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Default Re: Rogers Cleveland Era Drums

In 1960 I lived in Cleveland on the west side the music store that I purchased from let me go to Grossmans music wharehouse that he dealt with. The first day i purchased my Zildyians cymbals 20' K ride a 18; K sizzle ride and a set of 14; hi hats. That took all day.
The next day was the Rogers 4 piece med blue sparkle I think the kit and the hardware was about$ 175.00. I purchased Preimer stands and still have some of the stands today.
I made so nice$$$$ back then.I moved to Ft. Myers Fl in 1980 and had the kit until 1993, the traded for somthind else. Iv.e had Pearl, Mapex Preimer and now on my second Crush kit. At age 71 I.m living the dream 50,s Rock& Roll blues & jazz.I play 3-4 times a week
a trio for jazz on sunday nite. Wensday day a large 25 piece Germam band. Then also a friend from Cleve plays a B-3 a great sound from the past . jz,
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Default Re: Rogers Cleveland Era Drums

WOW! Great kit!! I love the color (and that tom mount). Those were always great sounding drums.

Have fun!!
My band Artificial Agent here: http://drummerworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=116637
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