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Default Bent head

Hi. I am new to the forum community all together. This is actually my first one. So. Hello! Anyways. I have been cruising the forums for weeks learning and came to a critical moment. I introduce myself with my dilemma. I am doing my personal first drum recording. I am a guitarist but over the years of owning a kit I dove in. So I decided to play them on this piece I have been working on. So I ordered new heads for the kit with help from the forums and buddies. Disaster. "They", that big guitar mart sent from Satan. They even have a red guitarish shine. But don't be fooled by their lures of grandeur. The problem heads were all the g plus (now g 14). I have these three extra toms I love love love as an add on. My buddies always steal them and I had an extra 12" head as a repayment I guess. So the obvious choice is to match these (12" 14" 15") toms. No reso heads. After ordering the other heads for the 9 peice kit they ended up sending me a 16' and a bunch of other terrible things. Ended up in the store. It was bobo. they finally got me everything and I got one from another source. I had no idea that Evans didn't make them anymore. So. The last one arrives in the mail, the 15". Bent. So saaaaaad. But maybe not. I don't know but they are really hard to find now for me. It is a little oval and doesn't lay flat. They totally too small of box was bent in half slightly. No creases. Just the a little slop in the head from mis shape. I was trying to use my picsbut my pda wont upload and its all i can do right now and i gotta know. I am out of town being a guitar man. I get home in two weeks and wanna lay down these tunes and am so excited. So what I am asking. Could some brilliant wizard in drum land help a brotha out and give me direction and advice on this head. Do I send It back and deal with the doodies or will bending it back slightly effect the tone altogether. Is it OK to still use this head for recording in a crazy nice studio I put munmuns down on. I don't know and I am the scurrrred to ask my friends. They will make fun of me and find out what I up to. All on jokes of course, kinda. You. Wonder full people of rhythm. What would you do? Bend it back or demand a new one? I don't want to be that Guy who goes in to bargain over something he clearly doesn't understand. It seems like it could be no big deal or a really big deal to ignanant little me. Please understanderalate me. Your buddy. I will try to add pics. Anyways. Love reading all the good stuff and having fun.
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Default Re: Bent head

Demand a new one. Depending on how extreme the bend is, it might be perfectly fine once it's under tension, but do you really want to take the chance when recording?
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Default Re: Bent head


Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, drumheads are very susceptible to shipping damage (which is what it sounds like happened here). The store should be able to provide replacement and we'll credit them.

Just to clear up some confusion, the G Plus series was replaced with the G12 (12mil film). The G14 is a 14mil single-ply series that we launched a year ago at 2012 Winter NAMM. Let me know if you have issues obtaining a replacement for the bent head and I'll get one out to you.
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Evans specialist,
I am gunna attempt to obtain a new one from them. Otherwise. In the future I would love to go through you. I am getting really into this. I have played protools, keys, and gider for a living for years and started getting burned. So I went back to school for African music. Drums is a breath of fresh air. I am way into Evans stuff and am gunna be in need! And I live out of town so I need to know who I can trust. As of my post yesterday. I nailed an audition. I need to school up fast! Lol. I wish I knew about the g plus change. I'd have just gotten the g 14s but I have the g plus in two out of three heads. The only one I am nervous about is this 15. Boo hoo hoo hoo me. Hopefully they don't kill me for shipping. I already paid as much as the head for shipping.

And a shout out to soupy of coarse. Even the smallest opinion like that counts. Thank you for your insight, it is nice when someone tells you exactly what you are thinking.

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