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Old 02-05-2013, 09:41 AM
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Default Bass drum batter head response

I just recently bought an aquarian super kick II, the first good head that I've been able to play on. The issue I'm having is the response the head is giving me. I may just be too used to an old head that I had to have way too tight to get the sound I want but the super kick feels really splashy. However when I tighten it any more to get the feel I'm looking for I lose the great sound its got now. Just looking for any tips on a balance or some tips on getting used to how a bass head should feel haha.
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Old 02-05-2013, 11:14 AM
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Default Re: Bass drum batter head response

2 things you could try:

Firstly adjust your pedal to a more responsive feel - i.e. tighten the spring a tad, raise the footboard angle (if you can), and lessen the angle between the beater shaft and the batter head (if you can).

Secondly - and this may sound counter-intuitive seeing as you've just just bought a pre-muffled head - try putting a small pillow/cushion inside the drum so it's resting against the bottom of the batter head (preferably near to where the beater strikes). It doesn't need to be huge as that will over muffle the drum but have something that will provide a little resistance - i.e. will be pushing back against the batter head. This will give you a little more response without having to tune the whole head up and will keep a nice slap sound.

Good luck and have fun.
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Default Re: Bass drum batter head response

You can also try compensating by loosening the resonant head to bring the frequency back down a bit. In other words, get the feel that you want with the batter head and pedal and then try getting the sound by adjusting the resonant head. There's many different ways to get the sound you want, most of the time with very subtle adjustments.

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Default Re: Bass drum batter head response

i have my superkick tighter than normal because a) its easier to play and b) i close mic a porthole anyway so it doesnt matter
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