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Old 01-20-2013, 09:23 PM
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Default TD11 USB quick record question

Hi guys, just introduced myself at the appropriate place.

Have been reading a lot here before purchasing a practice kit for my daughter (huge grin...).

Actually enjoy the TD11 a lot and it is great that the family is not bothered with the sound it makes. My daughter seems to have some talent and for me that is a joy to see.

I have a question on the USB quick record function though: I cannot make it work.

What have I done:

- Formatted the usb stick on the TD-11 module
- Pushed quick record
- Played a bit
- Stopped recording
- Pushed "songs"
- Selected the folder on the usb "quick record"
- ..... to find it empty.

I understood from the manual the TD-1 would store the last 5 quick records on the USB automatically. I assumed that I could play them back "as a song".

Can somebody of you Roland geniuses point me in the right direction on how I can listen back older quick recordings?

Or maybe somebody can advise me how to play a pattern for my daughter, so she can use it as a practice track. She likes it that way in quick record mode, but I am not always at home and able to perform my magic for her instantly..... It is a father/daughter bonding thing, so hope you can help me out here. Many thanks!
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Old 01-21-2013, 10:03 AM
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Default Re: TD11 USB quick record question

Mmm, tok the usb out of the module and inserted it in my Mac. It appears that there are files in midi format. Not what I had expected, but apparently this is it.

If somebody can tell me what is the way to go to record a track for my daughter to use as practice track, let me know!
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