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Old 01-14-2013, 12:45 AM
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Default Hey :D Its me :D

Hey :D My name is Oli, I live half in Maldon, Essex, and half in Groningen, The Netherlands (or Holland as many people call it). I moved there due to my fiance and potential work. On the 15th of January I have an interview as a sales assistant which will secure me a job in the Netherlands to live there permanently so fingers crossed!
I am 21, I used to be obsessed with labels such as "pro kits" and the such, and about 2 years ago finally began listening and now give advice on my personal drum blog:
Please check it out!
I am a Jazz drummer, but also play most other genres. I did my national diploma and with that I had to play metal, pop, hip-hop and rock. I regularly go through all genres on a playlist to keep myself up to speed. I also train my right foot to play faster at sustained time so I can now play 16ths on one foot for a sustained time of about 10 seconds. Its not long, and it hurts, but its like a small party trick.
I am endorsed by KickPort, which I fully stand behind, I've known them since they started up.
I use a home made birch kit. Now I can't fully remember which but I believe the shells are carrera, if not they are tiki drums. I put my old ludwig element hardware on it and some premier xpk lugs i brought off ebay, I am not too bothered with aesthetics, just the sound. It is interior lacquered and exterior matte black.
My sizes:

I have 5 snares (and a new one on its way)
14x5 1930s Boosey & Hawkes
14x6.5 PDP bubinga/maple
10x3 Wutlitzer
12" Traps snare
14x6.5 Pearl Limited Ed

On its way:
Premier Modern Classic 14x4 maple (I intend to take the brass single flange hoops off the Boosey &Hawkes and stick it on the Modern Classic along with my calf skin head to give it that classic buddy rich sound.

I have played with a few bands:
Dog Salad
The Outtakes

People I have played alongside:
Jack Monk (Syd Barrett)
Jim Davies (The Prodigy)
George Double (Trinity and Guildhall writer)

Places I often jam session in:
Royal Oak Hazeleigh
Corner Pub Groningen
O'Malleys Groningen.

I used to teach Drums at a secondary school until I left to do my own drum grades where I went straight into grade 4. I got it, but haven't done any more on it yet.
Sorry I waffled on for so long, any questions then ask, but hello to everyone and thanks for reading!
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