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Old 01-10-2013, 09:44 PM
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Default Electric kit dilemma

Ok, I need some advice here guys....

In the last year I have owned - and got rid of - two electric kits. My first was a Session Pro DD05 which got a lot of abuse and lasted well. I eventually sold it as I didn't feel it was right for me

Just before Christmas I bought a Traps e500 kit, despite reading good and bad reviews. Turns out I should have heeded the bad reviews because as "lifelike" as these kits are in terms of all the pads being the same size as an acoustic kit, it seems they have real issues with the trigger modules. On taking delivery of the kit, the first thing I noticed was the snare trigger wasn't working. I then noticed two of the cymbal triggers were intermittent and on the only cymbal where the trigger was working properly, the rubber pad was peeling off....and this is from straight out of the box.

So here is my dilemma:

I know you will all tell me to invest in a Yamaha or Roland kit but their entry level kits are poor IMHO. I gig and rehearse regularly with an acoustic kit but I need something that I can use at home to practise/learn new songs that my band are working on. I don't have the luxury of a studio so it needs to be something that won't annoy the neighbours.

I've learned my lesson that it's better to try before you buy as opposed to buying things off the internet so I'm gonna go to a local shop tomorrow and see if I can demo any of their Alesis kits. Have you guys had any experience of the DM6, DM7 or DM8 kits and if so what are your opinions? My budget is about 500 GBP max.

Many thanks for your anticipated replies

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Old 01-11-2013, 02:03 AM
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Default Re: Electric kit dilemma

Just my 2 cents...I wouldn't waste my money on the Alesis kits you mentioned...I don't believe you'll be happy with any of those kits....I'd stick with either Yamaha or Roland, and based on the price you mentioned, you'll probably have to look at used kits...maybe DTXpress IV SE or TD-9, TD-8, TD-6...since I'm not sure what used e-kits are selling for where you live, kinda hard to steer you in the right direction...
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