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Old 12-26-2012, 11:55 AM
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Default Alesis dm8 pro or alesis dm8 usb?

I am a 15 years old and i have recently completed grade 6 (trinity guildhall) and i will likely skip to grade 8.
I have saved up and now have 350 quid to buy an electronic drum kit and have narrowed down my options to the alesis dm8 pro or alesis dm8 usb.
Personally i prefer the look of the dm8 pro as the pads seem more responsive and it seems to have a very realistic feel. The only reason i am unsure is that i expect the pads to be fairly loud and i want to play my kit allot (late at night and early in the morning).
This leads me to considering the dm8 usb, from what i have gathered this kit has quieter pads but it does not seem as responsive as dm8 pro and does not give that more realistic feel.
I am not bothered about the module/brain as the quality of them on both kits is good enough for me.
But the main question i am asking is which kit shall i buy considering the main points
-Volume, how different is the sound of the pads of both kits?
- I am about to start grade 8
- I will be using the kit to record with my band
- Response of pads, how different is the pad response from both kits?

Thanks for reading and some answers would be brill :)
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Old 12-27-2012, 10:43 AM
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Default Re: Alesis dm8 pro or alesis dm8 usb?

I think I've tried the pro at a music store.
I have tried those pads for sure.
I remember they were quite noisy, actually. The feeling wasn't that bad, but once I've tried mesh heads I couldn't go back.
If that's your budget, the DM8PRO could do well for you but, if you can, try to get a mesh head at least for your snare.
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