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Default Re: DW 9000 pedal users please chime in...

Originally Posted by RcKDrUmm3R View Post
BTW you can get a universal drive shaft to replace the one that is standard on the dw9000/5000. The axis fits and I believe it costs around $150. I personally don't think it changes the feel but that's just my opinion.....
That Axis shaft is a good back up plan. Only a back up plan for me though, as I would not be thrilled about having to buy a new shaft after spending $550+ on a new pedal anytime soon. But if I had the DW9000 double, it would save my a$$.
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Default Re: DW 9000 pedal users please chime in...

I have the 9000 chain , love it , flawless and feels great -
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Default Re: DW 9000 pedal users please chime in...

Originally Posted by huskytool View Post
Thanks for all of the replies.

Some will laugh but I developed a technique on the DW 5000 pedal for adjusting the spring tension with one hand, which I now use on the 9000.

You loosen the round top nut multiple turns, then push down on it (the round nut) with forefinger and thumb which displaces the long hex head nut on bottom from the pedal frame. Just use the pinky on same hand to spin the hex nut right or left, then let go and spring snaps it back into place, twist to insure it is seated properly then retighten the round lock nut back down and viola. Seriously this takes all of 30 seconds to accomplish. Hardest part to me is clearing the belly from my drum throne!
im glad you posted this i was going to try and explain they way i adjust my 9000 but you took the words right outta my mouth.. :)
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