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Old 11-10-2018, 03:49 AM
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Default Alesis

I bought a less expensive Alesis set and I have had nothing but trouble. I wear out the drums on a regular basis. I have had all the cymbals replaced multiple times, snare (I replaced with a better version) but it still broke, And Don't get me started on the bass drum, I have sheared off 3 of them right through the metal just below the drum. Has anyone experienced anything similar. With the cymbals -- they screws on the underside are breaking the female portion off of the cymbal consistently. Last time it happened on day 3. Drums are supposed to be hit correct? When tech support tells me that maybe I am hitting them too hard (which I am not) but regardless aren't they supposed to be hit not massaged. So far the only plus is that they do keep replacing them so far.....

Obviously I will replace these when I have the $$ with a longer lasting set, any pointers. I am a beginning drummer but I play a lot of RB4 with them. That is what got me started. I play 5-7 hour a day 4-6 days a week.

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Default Re: Alesis

I can't help but think you're doing something wrong. I have a set of Alessis Nitro drums and think they are great for the money. under $300 Granted I don't play them much compared to my acoustic kit, but no problems at all with breakage. I have found a couple of glitches with triggering, but that's it. You're not tightening the cymbals too tight are you? I have no clue for the kick pad. I've played them pretty hard. Enough to make my wrists hurt for a week or so.
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Default Re: Alesis

Only issues I've had with my DM10 Mk2 Pro (mesh heads) is wiring for piezos breaking, which is a common problem. It sounds like the tech might be right and that you're playing too hard.
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Default Re: Alesis

Sounds like you're beating the cr*p out of them. You have a volume knob. I've been playing ekits for over 3 decades and I've never broken a pad.
(yes, you have an Alesis, so it's gonna be more susceptible to breakage than a Yammy or Roly, but still... :)
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