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Default celebrating 50 years of an electric Judas ( Dylan)

Hi All. I decided I better post something to prove I can play, so here we go:
a couple of years ago my band were invited to play at an event celebrating Bob Dylan's Judas concert - the one where he went electric and someone from the audience branded him a traitor to folk.
The event was set up in aid of the magnificently named Manchester District Music Archive - a publicly accessible archive of Manchester's extensive musical history by CP Lee - a musician, historian, author and Dylan biographer and Andy Kershaw - a BBC Radio presenter and music historian/author.
The idea was this: each band would perform one song from that night's set, changing it, and generally mucking about with it in the way that Dylan himself is prone to doing.
It took place on the 50th anniversary of the night May 17, 2016. We were unable to play at the original venue: Manchester's Free trade Hall as it's now a Hotel: unequipped really so we played at Manchester's Academy to a sold out audience.
My band are Poppycock - our leader is Una Baines, a founder member of The Fall, and this is our old lineup: we are working on our first full album release now.
we were given leave to interpret the songs as we wished, and bearing in mind that Poppycock are a feminist band and Dylan's lyrics are, whilst beautiful, hardly feminist, we changed them.

Oh yes: this was the firdst time I had played Yamaha 9000s. ( The backline kit) so I had to get a kit after playing these. So I did.

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