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Old 08-01-2017, 07:10 PM
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Default Seeking some advice re Pearl Traveler set

I have purchased a Pearl Traveler set for my son as we are limited on space. He goes to drum lessons and also has access to a full kit at school. The pearl kit comes with a 18 inch bass and 10 inch snare. I want to purchase a cymbal to go with, just one to start with, again due to space. If I am just getting one cymbal what would you suggest would be most useful, would it be a ride cymbal? I have seen videos on line just using one cymbal but I am not sure what it is, see below:


Grateful for any advice, thanks.
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Old 08-01-2017, 08:03 PM
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Default Re: Seeking some advice re Pearl Traveler set

OK so what you're seeing in that video is called the hi hat, which consists of a pair of cymbals. The bottom cymbal is inverted in relation to the top cymbal. Like bookends. So they don't nest together. Like in marching band where they impact 2 cymbals together, same concept, but the cymbals are flat, held together with varying pressure by a foot pedal. You play the hi hat with the foot, the hands, or both. So the thing that supports the cymbals and has the footpedal is called the hi hat stand. There are dedicated hi hat cymbals that you use with the hi hat stand. Typically 13" to 15" in diameter, the hi hat cymbals.

So your 3 essential classes of cymbals that drumkits need are hi hat, ride and crash.

Hi hat and ride are the most important, then the crash. if you can only get one cymbal (the cymbal needs a cymbal stand too) I think the majority of people here will say get a ride cymbal and I agree. Personally, I'd get a hi hat stand and a pair of hi hat cymbals before I got the the ride. The hi hat is more versatile than the ride if you can only have one.

Rides generally come in 19" to 24" diameter sizes. A 20" would be a good start for a smaller kit like the Rhythm Traveler, but not necessary. If you get a dedicated ride cymbal that also crashes well, (sounds good as a crash cymbal) like a Zildjain sweet ride (21"), then he can use the same cymbal to ride and crash on until he gets a more dedicated crash cymbal. You can crash or ride any cymbal, but crashes and rides have different qualities that make them specifically suited for their main sonic purpose. Crashes are thinner cymbals, generally speaking.

Riding is lightly (or heavily) hitting the cymbal repeatedly with the stick tip generally, crashing is whacking the cymbal one time, harder, with the side of the stick, again generally speaking.
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Old 08-02-2017, 09:24 AM
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Default Re: Seeking some advice re Pearl Traveler set

Thank you, that's excellent, just the advice I was looking for.
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