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Default My Band: Lowsiders

Hey gang! After posting here for quite some time I'm proud that I finally have something to share with you guys. Here are some demos my band recorded earlier this year. We're excited to get into the studio to record our album in the coming months.


Here's a brief breakdown of the songs:

Desire - This was a song that started out as a rough demo that our lead singer/rhythm guitarist, Nate, brought us, with a programmed, hip-hop/R&B drum break. Taking the the lyrical theme of infidelity and applying it musically, I started out with a simple beat that built up into somewhat of a shuffle over the course of the three verses. The mood builds slowly, with occasional explosions of passion, that dial back - "no, honey, we shouldn't be doing this" - but unable to stem the inevitable tide of lust that explodes in the finale. Save for the vocals, this was recorded in a single take, with no overdubs, after we'd been playing together for just a couple of months. It's great to find musicians that you really "click" with, both musically and personally.

The Man Who Laughs - I really dig the slinky, swampy, early '70s feel of this tune. I wanted to build on that feeling by playing sort of "around" the click, pushing and pulling the tempo ever so slightly, to give the song a looser feel. Even though it's a simple-sounding beat, I'm really proud that I accomplished that goal, and it's one of my prouder musical accomplishments to date. I jokingly refer to the drum part as "John Bonham trying to practice 'When the Levee Breaks' without annoying his neighbors."

Tradition - I'm not entirely happy with this recording, I feel like the chorus section is too rigid, and I could stand to loosen up a little. This song has changed quite a bit since we recorded this demo, and I'm much happier with how I play it now.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say, and I hope you enjoyed listening to these songs as much as I enjoyed playing them!
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