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Old 12-11-2015, 10:47 PM
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Default Merry Christmas - Some sales for y'all

So I have come across some pretty crazy deals this holiday season that I have taken advantage of. But as much as I love to "take", I want to "give" as well. So below are links to some absolutely insane deals for drums.

I would buy some of these myself, but I just sold a 4th kit I had at my house and now I'm down to just 3. If I purchased one of these kits, I'm pretty sure my wife would make me sleep on the couch until it was sold.

All the below links work with the promo code: music20off. It will save you 20% on the already insanely low prices advertised.

Lets start with some Premier drums, shall we:

You can get Genista kits for dirt cheap. Add on toms and bass drums are available for some finishes. I'm really tempted to make a 6 piece kit for $550 shipped, but I just cant have a 4th kit at my house.

Maybe you don't like Premier and prefer Pearl kits:

Vision kits with hardware packs for a little over $300 shipped. At that price, they are practically stocking stuffers.

Maybe you like Mapex:

A couple Saturn kits for sale in there and some Meridians for "stocking stuffer" pricing.

Remember to use the coupon code music20off to get the best pricing.

Happy holidays everyone!

EDIT: Just in case anyone wanted to know, I have no affiliation with Amazon, nor do I make any money from you clicking the links or purchasing from the links. I'm just a guy who saw some deals and thought it would be good to pass along.
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