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Old 06-07-2012, 07:45 PM
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Default Another "sharing a kit" story

Here goes - another sharing a kit story. It ends well enough though.

Some of our praise and worship band and choir played a gig yesterday down at a camp ground owned by the district our church is in. It's about an hour south of where I live out in the country.

I pick up my 14 year old daughter to go with me. So it's pouring down rain, we have to eat McDonalds in the car and drive for 1 hour and 15 minutes to get there. We're both needing the hit the facilities when we arrive. I check in and learn we are just about to rehearse our two songs in the tabernackle so I get behind the kit - a really nice Pearl Forum with Zildjian A's all around.

I'm on the right side of 3 guitar players on stage. No sooner had I sat down then I noticed the kit was not where it was ideal or comforable for me to play. Not knowing whose drum set it was, or where or if the other drummer dude was around, I began to modestly try and tilt the ride tom towards me a bit. No major changes, just tilting it a bit in my direction. Wnen I did this, one of the guitar players leans in and tells me the other drummer asked him to tell me NOT to adjust ANYTHING. I politely tell him I can't play the kit as is and he just restates what he told me and tells me he's just passing the info on to me. I tell him I'l kindly set it back after I'm done. Okay so he's got the ride tom locked down so I can't move it. So I tilt the floor tom towards me ala Steve Gadd style. I move the hats in about two inches towards me. The crash and rides are at a bad angle for me, but we need to start so I'm trying to decide how I'm gonna play with everything at funny angles for me.

Our choir director walks over and tells me the same thing. I tell her I'm "just moving it a little" and will kindly set it back when I'm done with our 2 songs.

So now my attitude kicks in a bit. I'm starting to get a bit ticked because I'm tired from the workday, I just drove 1 hour and 15 minutes in the rain to get here, I have no order of worship, barely had time to hit the can, and I'm getting no help at all in trying to accomodate my playing, plus the snares are disabled on the snare drum. I'm getting no compensation for gas, I'm doing this out of the kindness of my heart and wanting to give something back. I expected at the very least some minor adjustments to the kit.

It ain't happening.

I have barely enough time to fix the snares and the heads are tuned JAW, not my preferred sound but...it ain't my kit, so I'm trying to smile and do the best I can and get along.

We play one song and I have to get off the kit because the other band and drummer now take the stage. I'm at the back of the room watching the other drummer readjust my minor floor tom change. Other activity on stage lets him have the time to do this.

He's good. I like his grooves on several songs. Then it's my time to play again and I barely have enough time to get my butt back on stage and play.

On both songs I have to use matched grip to hit the toms because they are flat - straight up. Usually 90% of the time I use trad - the way I was taught. So I had to change my whole style of playing for these two songs. I screwed up a bit and missed the ride tom and crash on occasion, but all in all it went well.

I even got a chance to breifly talk to the other drummer and complemenet him on his playing. We did the guy fist bump thing, so it turned out well....I guess.
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