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Old 05-23-2011, 07:10 PM
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Default Where to practice

Hello everyone,
I have a dilemma. I'm having kind of a hard time figuring out how and where to practice my drumming. I play for my church, therefore the drumset is and stays there. However, my church is not around the corner, and since gas isn't as friendly as it used to be, I can't just travel there anytime I want to. The other problem is that I live with elders (my grandparents), and noise is not exactly what they look forward to. On top of that, my room is on the second floor, so they would hear and feel everything. Now I practice hand technique, and just move my legs and feet when I practice. However, there is no substitute for foot technique with the base pedal and hi-hat, and the feel of an actual drumset when it comes to different noises, and just moving your body around. I would really appreciate some suggestions on how I could practice my drumming, cuz I really want to improve, I love drumming, but it's been hard to practice how I want to. Any suggestions would be great, thanks :)
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Old 05-23-2011, 07:15 PM
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Default Re: Where to practice

Electronic kit might be a good option.
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Old 05-23-2011, 08:50 PM
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Default Re: Where to practice

i use an electronic kit for most of my practice. they're expensive and not ideal, but a lot better than nothing. if you want to keep expenses down, check out craigslist. people sell used ones on there all the time.

another option is a practice pad kit. they're even less ideal than an e-kit, but quite a bit cheaper.
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