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Old 07-07-2010, 09:41 PM
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Default 15th Annual KoSA International Percussion Workshop, Drum Camp and Festival

Hey guys, there's still time to register for the KOSA percussion camp! Here are the details:

15th Annual KoSA Int'l Percussion Workshop,
Drum Camp & Festival
Castleton State College, Vermont
July 27th - August 1st, 2010

The staff consists of: Liberty Devitto, Anders Astrand, Dom Famularo, John Riley, Memo Acevedo, Anders Astrand, Bill Bachman, John Beck, Sergio Bellotti, Paul DeLong, Liberty De Vitto, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, Aldo Mazza, Allan Molnar, Jim Royle, Jeff Salisbury, Marcus Santos, Rick Van Horn, Glen Velez, Michael Wimberly & special guests

I'm really excited about this camp, I'll be teaching the drumline section of it and will get a chance to help people with their hand technique doing a lot of exercises like the ones that have appeared in my Modern Drummer magazine articles. I look forward to helping people see that new school competitive rudimental drumming is actually very loose, gone are the days of drumming with strict technique digging into the drum. I'm also excited to be a student again and attend tons of classes on other types of percussion, from everything I've heard about these camps I'll come away with a lot of new insights and a percussively expanded mind!

hope to see some of you there, Bill
Modern Drummer Ed. team
Skype hand tech lessons:
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