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Default Boredoms / 88 Boadrum - LSD Drum Cult (for fans of weird music only)

I thought I'd make a thread about my favorite music group ever, Boredoms.

They're from Osaka, Japan and have been around for about 25 years. They started off as a spasmodic dadaist collage-punk performance art group that released arguably the stragest LP on a major label as early as 1988. Around this time they caught the intention of Avant-Garde legend John Zorn who had been scouring the planet for new and intertesting talent, and during the late 80's and early 90's, Boredom's front man and vocalist Yamantaka Eye did guest stints as a vocalist for Zorn's polystylistic project Naked City, which blended together as many genres as possible (to a delightful effect!) including jazz, hardcore punk, grindcore, surf rock, funk, ambient, and harsh noise, to name a few.

Boredoms continued down this snotty, take no prisoner punk ethos path during the 90's and released a classic, "Chocolate Synthesizer". One of the weirdest, most progressive "punk" releases to date, only to find themselves in even stranger territory by the late 90's/early 00's.

-Drum Cult-

Boredoms major change in direction came when they released an EP called "Super Go!" and then shortly after a full length in the same vein, which is their current style, called "Super Ae". They pretty much completeley abandoned their punk sound and adapted a tribal, sun worshiping, electronic progressive acid rock freakout sound that pretty much sounds like the most modern music you will ever listen to.

They released a few more releases in the same vein, and the band now consists of Eye who does vocals (which really just sound like dubbed-out tribal chanting) as well as some synthesizer playing, some turntable manipulation, as well as playing a custom instrument made for him called the Sevena, which is a seven neck guitar that is played with drum sticks and a staff as a percussion instrument. The Sevena provides the drone around which the beats that Eye creates flourish, as well as the occasional prog rock keyboard solo by one the three drummers who doubles as a keyboardist, Yoshimi P-We. Boredom's three drummers play beats ranging from straight ahead rock 'n roll beats, to drum n' bass inspired break-beats, to latin jazz/samba beats, to ambient cymbal oriented stuff, to full blown noisy chaotic free-jazz explosions. If there are any Flaming Lips fans out there, Yoshimi did some guest drumming on one other their albums that is a concept album focused around her called "Yoshimi Battles Giant Pink Robots" or something.

This past August they played a show in Los Angeles at the La Brea Tar Pit's called "88 Boadrum" or the "Infinity Concerts" which linked with another show happening on the same day on the east coast in New York. They played on 8/8/08 at 8:08PM for 88 minutes, with 88 drummers arranged in a spiral around the band. The same thing took place on the east coast, with New York avant legends Gang Gang Dance at the helm. The drum spirals linked up exactly geographically acorss the U.S. continent to form a giant infinity symbol. I was at the Boredoms's concert in LA which obviously was way better since Boredoms were actually there, and it was the most powerful sonic experience of my life. I cannot stress enough how epic this band is. Even if you don't like them their contributions to music are unquestionable.

Boredoms live in Portland, Oregon

Boredoms live in Oslo, Norway

88 Boadrum in LA:

Some pic's

88 Boadrum in LA:

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