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Old 09-01-2011, 12:18 AM
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Default Re: Drums and Drugs...

In this case, I think the majority of posters has it right on the OP's original question- record yourself and find out. This thread also highlights the obvious- weed can have different effects on different people. Also, its effect, on me at least, can change. Initially, I had no coordination and could barely play (I was playing stringed instruments then, not drums). After weeks or months (it's been to long) of regular using, I was quite competent while high. was I better? maybe not, maybe so, impossible to compare what those months would be like without. Almost 15 years later, I still indulge, but only a teensy bit at night. These days, I don't play so much with it, but when I do, I think it negatively affects my timing. Sure is fun though, no regrets. And I agree that it gets the mind thinking in a different way, one conducive to creativity.
Bermuda's concerns seem to wrongly focus on the drug, instead of the impulse towards excess. He implies that few to none of his colleagues indulge, but I bet he's wrong about at least a few of them- they simply don't do more than they can handle, and certainly not enough to be noticed by moralizing teetotalers. And does 'no drugs' include 'no tobacco?' I think we've all seen too many examples of fantastically technical playing by guys 'getting high' on that (decreasingly) socially acceptable drug to pretend that "drugs" negatively impact playing. depends on the person, the substance, and the quantity, further complicated by the user's experience. no blanket statements can do justice to these intricacies...

Hypocritical for an atheist playing in a church band? Could be, but that shouldn't stop him from benefiting from the situation. Money and performance experience are valuable enough that I would encourage such a kid to continue.
Besides, 'christianity' as such is not necessarily anti-drug. True, the anthology sometimes referred to as "the bible" contains verses that could both support and discourage substance use. But look to the accounts of Jesus- he was quite pro-drug. His first miracle according to John is turning water to wine (christians often lamely insist it was for sanitary reasons, as if the Master-O-The-Universe couldn't have as easily purified the water...). Then he begins the tradition of communion, during which the believers take wine which represents the actual blood of the man/god! Wow, no teetotalling there.
Certainly true that most Christians today are quite 'anti-drug (conveniently pretending that alcohol and caffeine tylenol, etc, aren't drugs), but that's more the fault of the extreme St Paul (who only saw Jesus in a vision, not in person), who's writing is arguably more influential today than anything allegedly said by Jesus. Bit off topic, but interesting stuff..
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Old 09-01-2011, 12:57 AM
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Default Re: Drums and Drugs...

Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post
What about Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by The Beatles!!!
No doubt that psychadelics makes better musicians, just look at... well every prog band during the 70s!

Personally I really enjoy playing drums while smoking, the playing feels more groovy and precise, but I fear thats just my perception, gotta record myself some day! I've also played a bit while on "4-HO-MET" a drug very similiar to psilocybin (mushrooms) and it was quite the experience... My mind was sort of merged with the drums and playing a groove on only the toms felt like an earthquake.
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