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Old 08-10-2011, 08:50 AM
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Default Martin Lopez (ex-Opeth) new projects!

Howdy everyone,

For those of you who remember him, Martin Lopez used to drum for Swedish progressive death metal band Opeth, but quit after the recording of Ghost Reveries for reasons that were never quite confirmed ("he's sick!" "he's addicted to drums!" etc). Anyways, like many people I was very impressed by his playing, particularly the softer material on the Damnation record, and have been keeping my eyes open for any future projects. Well, they've come! To my knowledge, Martin is working on new major projects right now while reviving his old band that he was in pre Opeth (Mendez was with them as well, but it seems like he's secure with Opeth).


Soen seems to be Martin's primary focus at the moment...from the samples available, it sounds like prog metal with a hint of Tool and some sprinkling of Opeth. Some awesome playing in the three songs they've released so far...very psyched to hear the rest.


This group is from Ahbu Dahbi, and has apparently hired Martin to do session work for their upcoming album, which is "being mastered."


Martin's original band...mostly lowfi demos, but could hear some more from them in the future.

Just thought I'd let everyone know, as I remember there were quite a few Lopez fans on here last I checked. Cheers!
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Old 08-28-2011, 04:37 PM
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Default Re: Martin Lopez (ex-Opeth) new projects!

Yes! I was getting bored with drums, and then I found Martin. Heard Soen at the end of last year, and I remember thinking "Wow, he's gotten even better!" so I'm very excited to her studio quality recordings, and hopefully a tour, the last of my fave players to see live.

Anuryzm sound really good too, very kickass riffage, and Martin pounding it forward, I'd like to hear a full length track soon.

Fifth To Infinity sound badass too, the man is this generations Gene Hoglan, maybe even better. Also found out that when he recorded Once Sent from the Golden Hall with Amon Amarth he was only 17, unbelievable.
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