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Default Re: Trick VMT Pub Kick

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Perhaps beyond 14” deep it’s a waste, but if you play double headed with no muffling, and no mics, you do notice a difference in depth sound.
You'd think right? But I set this kit up in the same venue as I've setup my 2218" several times, and this little kick dominated that room in a way I cannot remember my Mapex doing. Certainly my old 20x16" Sonor Sonic Plus would have fallen short.

I was expecting this kit to be a just little practice/pub beater kit, but after this gig, I'm imagining using this tiny kit in all sorts of "pro" situations.

So I'm interested in the actual measurable effect of of bass drum depth in terms of real-world tone. Because with bass instruments, you're producing a lot of energy @ frequencies that aren't really useful.

So it does seem to me that, at a certain point, the depth becomes a "waste of space" for all practical purposes. But what point is that? We "all" know power toms were a gimmick. My aforementioned Sonor kit had a 14x16" (diamenter x depth) FT that was useless and I've played 22x20" "cannons" that were all slap and no body!

On the other hand, I quite like 8" deep snares, but that's not approaching a "square" size.

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