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Old 09-22-2011, 05:40 PM
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Default Re: Pro Kit vs. a mere "Gigging" Kit

If I came to OZ or NZ with a few suitcases full of drumheads and sticks, I could sell them for less than they go for in NZ and probably make my plane fare to and from. Then Jules can put me up and we can hang for a few days.
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Old 09-22-2011, 06:59 PM
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Default Re: Pro Kit vs. a mere "Gigging" Kit

I didn't read through everyone else responses so I don't know if this has been said before, but I think the main reason why drummers use a second kit as apposed to say a guitar player is that DRUMS ARE BIG. Think about it, the guitar player has his guitar in a hard case, takes it out of the case when he gets on stage, usually only he handles it, it is strapped to him all night, then as soon as the set is over he puts it back in his case. The same could be said about drums, but we all know they get handled much more than that. I keep my drums in cases when transporting them, but I have to unload them before a gig and get them all out of the cases before we go on stage. This usually means setting my kit up on the street in the back alley, do I want to put my hand lacquered drums on the pavement, definitely not. Then me and the stage hands have to haul the kit onto the stage, you think they don't bump into the walls a lot? As careful as you are it's pretty easy to hit stuff while carrying a drum. Then it's just the nature of the instrument, your drums take up a lot of stage space and are basically on the floor, that means stuff can fall over and hit your drums, or drink can be spilled or who knows. I did bring my nice kit to gigs, simply because I don't have a second kit, but I would cringe and get a bit nervous when having to load my kit on the stage. Although, for the most part my drums were unharmed, there are a few scratches that would not be there if I brought another kit. But it depends on where you are playing also, I was playing small clubs and bars, so they really aren't taking the best care of their musicians. If I was playing a nicer gig where I knew my gear would be handled with care then I would have no problem bringing my nice kit. People just want that peace of mind where if the kit gets banged up, or the some guy drops your tom, it doesn't really matter.
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