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Old 03-25-2011, 12:57 AM
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Default Looking for a timbale teacher in AZ

OK, first off sorry for creating a new thread for this, no one reads the teachers thread and this is a very specific question. I have already used the search feature and have been all over Craigslist, Google and the Vic Firth teacher database. Also, let's face it , at least I didn't put "HELP!" in the title. I'm just not that needy...

Anyhoo, I'm an intermediate drummer that's looking for a teacher in the greater Phoenix area. I want a teacher that's a timbale player and not just a drummer that can play the go-to afro-cuban rhythms. Sorry, not interested in Skype lessons. I just need that face time to learn.

...I suppose Ideally this is the kind of person that I'd meet through some Cuban friend of the family or something but I just don't know a whole lot of Cubans. This forum hasn't let me down yet, I've already made a good friend/drum guy and learned a lot about everything drums. Now I need someone to teach me the nitty gritty of the timbales and the Afro-cuban rhythm.

So if you can play the the 'bales and have the time to teach or if you know anyone that might be able to please hit me up.

Classy grip all day.

Mah Rogers
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