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Default Re: The straight 4-hour gig.

Originally Posted by BruceW View Post
Pretty sure that I'd have a very difficult time playing 4 hours without at least a couple 5 minute breaks, bathroom issues aside.

We occasionally have sets run close to 90 minutes, and once I get much past the 70 minute mark I'm not really playing to my ability, and am restricting anything extra, just to get through it. Assuming that we're playing the usual material, at the usual (often too fast, lol) pace.

We don't take long breaks in general, rarely more than 15 minutes. I'm pretty sure that if I had 5-6 minutes every so often to stand up, stretch, and give the ol'right arm a breather, I could probably make it work. Not that I'd want to often, but as others have suggested, if the money was right I'd give it a try.
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Default Re: The straight 4-hour gig.

So I chatted w/ a couple of bands who play this venue and they said the same thing: That their sets include songs for everyone to take at least 2 songs off through the night.

I also know what the club pays/has a budget for and with my group which is a 9-piece (sometimes 10 or 11), it mathematically doesn't make sense/cents.
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