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Default Nice Reads for Drummers

Bought all secound hand with the exception of The High Road. These are my little reviews of the books I purchased within the last two months.

The High Road by Mark Herndon

This one I bought new and worth it. I started playing Country-Rock at the time Alabama just arrived on the scene and we played five songs off their Mountain Music album. First chapter gets you hooked in a big way and the rest is like snippets out of a larger autobiography and you are wanting more. It is a very easy and nice read.

Great Rock Drummers of the Sixties Revised Edition by Rob Cianci

This is a good book to look up some rock history of drummers. Mick Avory, Jerry Edmonton, Bobby Elliott and Sandy Nelson all fine stories and more.

Fleetwood my Life and Adventures in Fleetwood Mac by Mick Fleetwood w/ Stephen Davis

Very good book on how the band came about and the writing of all the people the have been in the Fleetwood Mac family from the very start till the writing of the book in 1990. That they were on the hotel circuit here in the US and back in England playing in pubs before hitting it big, you feel like you are there.

Hit Hard by Joey Kramer w/W. Patrick & K. Garde

How Joey is still with us is amazing with all the demons that he had to overcome. Also a look into how management played in it and with the rest of the band back then.

Phil Collins the Definitive Biography by Ray Coleman

Phil is a perfectionist and workaholic that's one of the big reason for his divorces but that gave us memorable songs, it’s not fair. He loves his kids.

Inside Out A Personal History of Pink Floyd by Nick Mason

Very insightful book on how the band was formed till the end. A lot of pictures from the very beging to the Earl's Court, October of 94 that you will not see any place else and a nice Postscript. If you are a Pink Floyd fan this is the book for you.

The Drum Handbook Buying, Maintaining and Getting The Best From Your Drum Kit by Geoff Nicholls

Book is a very good book for anyone at any level. Talks about shell construction, woods used, hardware from stands to pedals and different types of heads and everything in-between. The author does reviews for Rhythm Magazine UK, MusicRadar.com

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