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Old 04-17-2019, 06:04 AM
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Default Use of two remote hi-hats

I've always been intrigued by the idea of having two hi-hats. I used to have two direct hi-hat stands, one to my right and one on the left.

At some point I got two remote hi-hat stands so i could set up a mangini sort of kit. This was fun to play, but i didnt really have the time to develop the skill to play the left side of the kit.

Right now I am using them both of my left side as "main" hats. I've seen this done before with two direct hi-hat stands, but of course the pedal positioning will be compromised because of the interference with the other stand.

The two remote hats allowed me to position the cymbals where I thought was comfortable, and have the pedals right next to each other.

Both hats can be played with my right hand if I'm playing my auxiliary snare.
I can still cross over and play with my right hand on the higher 12" hats if i like to.
From the mangini kit i had developed a bit of open handed ability, so i just play the hats with my left hand if I'm playing the main snare.
Simon phillips uses a similar concept, he plays his hats with his left hand when on the main snare, and he plays with his right hand if he plays a snare off to his left.

So here i demo the use of the two hats with a bit of jungle-ish drumming.

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Default Re: Use of two remote hi-hats

Looks and sounds like you have them positioned for optimum performance.
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