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Default Re: Started playing out again. Advice needed.

Originally Posted by Brian View Post
I played an open mic with an acoustic rock band many many years ago. Before we went on stage, there was a guitar guy and drummer who were playing. Anyway, the drummer was absolutely crushing everything - especially the cymbals. I can hit extremely hard if called upon, but honestly this drummer was still a notch above that. And he had NO technique, or feel. Full arm motions into every cymbal crash, full power the whole way. For whatever reason, my bandmates were very impressed and said "this guy is awesome!" "do you think he's good"...i shrugged and said, not really my cup of tea.

I was shocked, actually, and it was at this point that I truly realized that we all have different tastes.

Basically, I would not let the host drummer's opinion dictate or influence how you approach your instruments, unless YOU feel the need to change.
Thanks I appreciate the input.

Yea I feel the same way. Like I don't mind playing loud in my garage at times to heavier rock etc, but when playing out or an open mic I like to groove more and just sit in that pocket.
"Stay in the Pocket"
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