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Old 07-11-2010, 04:51 AM
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Default Need help and advice with strange single Bass problem!!

Hi everyone. This is my first post on this forum :) so far it is looking great.

So anyway, I have been playing drums for about a year and a half now and its been like a dream. I play right-handed.
Since I am into the "metal" genre of music, I was convinced into purchasing a double bass pedal a few months after starting to play drums.
(I have a Gibraltar Avenger)
Ever since I got the double kick pedals, I have been working on my double bass skills for a few months and I managed to get my speed up to 200bpm for a few minutes.

However, last month i noticed that if I try to play on just the single pedal, I feel unbalanced and out of control. I am unable to play relatively simple rhythms and beats with the right foot.

For example:
I find it difficult to play 8th notes at a moderate tempo (120bpm+) for 1 minute. It feels like I am about to fall forward, so I lose control of the situation.

I am also unable to play things like decent triplets with the right foot. they usually sound weak and out of time. Sometimes my leg feels like it refuses to play a beat or two. -_- sign...

While all this is going on, my left leg seems to have much more control than the right if I play it individually. It is able to play the beats mentioned above cleanly, with a decent amount of power and control.

I could also play double bass at quick speeds reaching up to 210bpm. -Seems odd?

So recently, I have been trying to work on my right leg individually, without playing any double bass and it seems to be improving slightly.

However, just past week I played a song with 3 minutes of double bass. (All that remains - Nothing left), and my right leg seems to have the problem again. And it is really starting to annoy me >_<.

If I recall correctly, I didn't have this problem before I started playing solemnly on the double kicks. So I am wondering what I should do about this problem.

Maybe someone has some good single bass exercises they could share with me?

Should I take the double pedals away for a while and just work on the single? (and return to double pedal once I am feeling comfortable with a single pedal?)

Any tips or advice would be very much appreciated.
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Old 07-11-2010, 05:10 AM
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Default Re: Need help and advice with strange single Bass problem!!

After a quick read over your post, I would guess that this is a balance problem. Make sure you have a good throne height and position, and that you are sitting so most of your weight is on the throne.

The other thing that helps balance is an understanding of how the techniques work with your feet. If you are playing 200 plus, you're using your ankles. This is great for fast stuff, but when you play at slower tempos, you need to use a full leg motion. Basically, you need to get used to switching between ankle motion and leg motion without losing balance. Here's a great exercise:

Pick a tempo that you can play with your ankles, around 190 or faster. Sit down, and play single stroke 8th notes, using a full leg motion. Play two measures of them, then play 16th note single strokes with your ankles. Continue switching back and forth until it feels comfortable. Next, cut it down to one measure of 8th notes, then one measure of 16ths. Then, half a measure of each. Then, a quarter measure! This will really get you working hard changing the motion while keeping balance, and should take care of your problem.
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Old 07-11-2010, 06:37 AM
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Default Re: Need help and advice with strange single Bass problem!!

Oh right thanks alot for that.

I will give it a try hope for the best (:

Saw videos on youtube by the way, they looked pretty impressive!
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