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Old 08-18-2010, 10:45 AM
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Default music college for my style

Hello. I'm a 25 year old drummer considering going back to school to get a performance degree as a drummer. Initially I had Berklee in mind, if I could get a scholarship, and enough financial aid.

The most important thing, for me, is being introduced into the realm of professional musicians, in hopes of hooking up with the right people, or playing as a freelance drummer.

What my concern is, is that I find an environment where my styles of playing are appreciated, and where I can find other talented musicians to join me.

I appreciate Jazz music, although, I am not headed in that direction, while I have some back ground playing in jazz styles, I mostly just incorporate jazz drumming into other styles of music.

Where I am the strongest, is playing reggae, strait, shuffle, afro-cuban, I throw in latin influence as well. But I am self taught, and find that I don't fit in with certain jazz types, where restraint is so important.

I guess my style is similar to Chad Sexton.

I'm currently making an album where I play all the instruments and vocals. My focus for the album, is that each song uses a different beat. As follows, Reggae Shuffle, Reggae rock, funk shuffle, funk strait, 6/8 latin style, 4/4 latin, ska, technoish, and 3/4 R and B.

I'm just curious if I can get any input from people who have been through drum college.

At Berklee, what genres are dominant? Is it entirely Jazz focused?

Other colleges?

Also, if I can get into the scene without it costing so much damn money that would be cool. Just looking for advice.

The album I'm working on, is focused on uplifting lyrics chords, and notes, deeply rhythmic base, lots of background percussion, and diversity, holding nothing back, nothing subdued, high energy.

I plan on eventually finding a few guitar players, and back up vocalists to try and recreate my album so I could play it live. Or otherwise, just join a band on the same level and in the same headspace as me.
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Old 08-18-2010, 10:34 PM
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Default Re: music college for my style

Sounds like you know whats up with drums. Why Do you want to pay money for a bunch of people to tell you how to play drums when you clearly have your own cool style? But there is a sweet school in seattle called cornish. They do all genres and teach theory and stuff. But in my honest oppinion youd be better suited getting a buisiness degree so you can learn to market yourself/band and make money with you music instead of just trying to be rediculously good. Look at ringo, he sucked and he is rich and famous, because he was marketed well.

but thats just my opinion, and Im guessing you have you heart set on learning drums more. Whatever makes you happy man. do it
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