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Old 04-16-2013, 09:27 PM
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Default My new practice routine

This is my new practice routine. It's a 7 day a week plan; 1.5 hrs a day on weekdays; 1 hr a day at weekends.

Five or 6 days out of 7 will comprise:

5 minute blocks of . . .
* Bonham triplet fills
* Sextuplet 16th fills
* Motown beats (a worksheet from my teacher that focusses in on 16th note bass drum work)
* Grooves from my teacher's bass drum workout (ditto, focussing on 16th note bass drum work)
* A couple of cover grooves - Voodoo Chile and Little Miss Lover
* Fire (more Hendrix)
* A couple of grooves from my band that also work the right foot hard
* The above is mostly things I want to develop/improve. The remainder of the 1.5 hrs will be spent on my bands' grooves that need work for upcoming gigs etc.

1 or 2 days a week will comprise 'free play' or woodshedding of particular grooves or of fills, endings, starts etc (I've drawn up my achieved/aspired fill vocabulary sheet). This is the opportunity to get away from the 5-mins-a-day thing and really go to town on stuff.

Any thoughts welcome. Maybe it'll be a useful template for others to work off in some way tho the main practice routine is very right foot-oriented as it's a big goal of mine to make my bass drum work live up to the potential of my lovely Ludwig 26-incher. Your mileage will clearly be quite different depending on your goals.
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