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Default Re: Me winning the NAMM wfd

Originally Posted by joeymoujalli View Post
Thank you all for the kind words. I have been working at the charity for a long 12 months now and to get an approval just feels amazing and it is a small accomplishment itself for me, it's only step one now from here :).

For the Guys asking about speed development, I'd love to help you. What I do is warm up for about 20 minutes doing slow and relaxed singles and other rudiments. My favourite is RLLL LRRR. I do exercises with both wrists and fingers...1st with wrists and then the fingers (Using french grip as this utilizes the fingers more).

Then I start with the metronome at 90 BPM doing 32nds per hand alternating over 3 minutes, so something like this. RRRR RRRR RRRR RRRR RRRR RRRR RRRR RRRR LLLL LLLL ..... So on and so forth. after doing that I increase the tempo by 5-10 depending on how I feel on the day. Remember if 90 is still too fast dont be scared to start as low as 60 BPM :)

Once I reach my top at about 145BPM I do some light stretching (LIGHT is the key, over pull on a stretch and you can do damage) then I'll set my drumometer to 5 seconds and to short bursts at my top speed, Don't be afraid to push at your top speed for a short burst. Sprinters, footballers, basketball players e.c.t all do short sprints to improve power and speed and so should drummers :)

I will be posting a youtube video so soon. In the mean time check out my channel "Chopzmasta07" on youtube and please subscribe :).
Matt Smith, Miss you man. It was an Honor meeting you and spending time sharing tips and tricks with the kids. See you next year man!

Thanks guys, Hope this helps!!! Best wishes and always be RELAXED WHEN PLAYING :)
Happy drumming!
Thanks Joey! Post that video when you can!

Congrats on the WFD title and let's put an end to cancer!
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