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Old 10-09-2012, 06:23 PM
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Default To play or Not to play benefit shows?

My band (country band) been together for about 3 months. We've played 2 benefit shows so far. The first one wasn't bad but the little things didn't bother me because we actually had a gig. LOL The 2nd one this past weekend wasn't bad but was bad enough that I wonder if it's actually worth it in today's music scene to play free benefit shows to "get your name out there".

It started off before setup talking to sound guy. Since it was only suppose to be a 45 min set, I brought my Rolands. Told him I wanted to use my in-ear monitors, have everything I need, just need a out from the board to go into the wireless transmitter. He exact quote was "That's not gonna happen". In his mind there where enough monitors up there. The monitor beside me was a Roland PM-10 that had nothing but drums coming thru it. Not sure why he thought I only needed to hear myself but who knows. The monitor 2nd closest to me in front of the female lead singer would go out for 30 seconds or so every other time I'd hit a cymbal.

According to some friends their the PA speakers were crackling and whatnot. So I guess my question is, is it worth putting up with that stuff to play free benefit shows and get your name out there? The rest of the band thinks we benefit from these, I'm not so sure anymore. LOL
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