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Old 02-01-2011, 12:16 AM
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Default Moving - Selling some Slinigerland Radio Kings

I'm about to move back to the "real world", from Alaska, and to raise some money for the trip, have decided to sell most of my Radio Kings. (I'm keeping the snare drum and Rogers pedal.) Excuse the "form letter", but I wanted you guys to know about this first, before I take some better photos and post this on my site... Feel free to forward this to anyone you know who may be interested.

I want to make this move in about 30 days, and if possible, and I'd like them to go to a "real" drummer, who will appreciate, play, and take care of them.
These are all early 1940's (big beavertail lugs, oval badge, engraved hoops) Slingerland Radio Kings. I've owned and played them since 1985, and so they've been refinished a couple of times, with pearl from Precision Drum Company. They're fine under stage lights, but are due for a refinishing, to look "new". These are the drums and cymbals seen in the photos, and used in all the recordings on my site, for anyone who wants to hear them. ( http://www.mikejamesjazz.com/dfl_projects.html )

• 14X24 bass drum with modern tom holder and spurs (I have the original "clip on") style holder for the mounted tom, too.)

• 9X13 (has modern tom holder to match bass drum, but I still have the original plate for the "clip on" holder

• 16X16 This one is slightly older (late 1930's) with the "clip on" hoops (This drum has a small crack on the outside, which I have not fixed. I've played it for years that way, (and it's not getting worse) but it should be repaired to be really perfect.)

• DW telescopic barrel-type seat, (also covered in WMP from Precision) with thick padding (6 inches) and black leather top. (Can be used as a case, but needs new latches for the lid) There's a rip in the top of the leather, but I've been sitting on it for a few years like that, with no problem. (Thanks to my cat, for that.)

• Misc. medium-weight Tama hardware (2 floor cymbal stands, snare stand, hi-hat, and several (different length) "L" rods for the bass-drum mounted cymbals

ALL THE ABOVE, for $1500 plus shipping of the buyer's choice (including a few spare lugs and screws, etc.)
• A Zildjian cymbals (2 different-weight 18" crash cymbals, 14" New Beat hi-hats, and a 21" Sabian medium-heavy ride) (no splash) (early 1980's) All in excellent condition... No cracks, scratches, or other damage)

All for $275, plus shipping of the buyer's choice - (OR... $325 with hard Zildjian "cymbal safe" case)
• I still have the two "duco" finish Slingerland drums, shown on my site at http://www.mikejamesjazz.com/vintage_gallery.html (14X26 BD and 9X13 tom)

BOTH for $700 plus shipping of the buyer's choice
• The final piece is a 15X16 Premier floor tom... late 1970's or early 1980's. This is one of their "double-shell" models, and has an enormous sound. I've been using it as my second floor tom, since I didn't have another Radio King. It's also covered in WMP from Precision. This one actually has the best-looking finish, since it's been used less, and has been in a case, mostly.

$250 plus shipping of the buyer's choice
Please email me from my site ,at http://www.mikejamesjazz.com since I'm not on this forum very often right now. (planning my trip) Thanks, everybody!
- Mike James
(Free book download, "Drumming for Life™")
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