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Old 01-31-2009, 04:49 PM
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Default Infinite drumless - play along tracks

First I do not represent either of these products.

I am checking out Band in a Box/Real Band and some other music creation software like Music Maker

Music Maker and Real Band let you create songs by dropping in and manipulating sound files for every track. As such you can compose songs without drums.

Band in a Box does it a different way and is immediately accessible for playing with drumless tracks. The program works by allowing you to select songs and have them played back in whatever style you choose. (For example a rock song in the style of a jazz recording). The tool automatically makes instrument, tempo changes etc. Additionally you can select different instruments from different styles to substitute the instruments currently in a song. AND you can turn any of them off at any time - like the drums. You can also change the timing and speed for songs. You can also create new songs by plugging in chords or making chord changes etc.

By the way a significant amount of the music/instruments are real not recreated by midi etc. Somehow this software makes the new combinations sound like they were always there. You can't tell it's a software mix of actual instruments.

There are hundreds of song and styles. As such there are thousands of combinations of songs you can play and record drumless too. Now the set isn't cheap but you can add songs/styles as you go.

I intend to buy the Band in a Box set as soon as I can.

Oh - and it works on computers with OS back to Win98SE.

(The free download of the program does not have the real instruments included but the videos they have that explain the tool have them)
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