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Old 05-20-2018, 09:54 AM
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Default Buyer's remorse (in another way)

So my early 2004 iPod Nano died on me. It only had 8GB so I didn't store that much on it. When I upgraded it recently, I decided to go all the way and get a cool new iPod Touch with 128GB of storage! Wow. If I imported tunes into it as low-to-mid level MP3's, I could probably get my entire CD library into it.

This evening as I started on this project, I realized I just fell for Apple marketing again. My CD collection isn't just a collection. I actually studied much of it as I learned how to play certain things over my lifetime (a lot of the CD's were replacements of favorite albums I bought when I was a child). I had studied them so much, a lot of my CD collection lives in my head to this day.

Some music I regret listening to now as I've grown away from it. I had several of those "what was I thinking when I bought this?" moments as I went through the CD collection trying to pick what I wanted to load into the iPod. A lot of my CD collection I realized I could literally give away. The information was internalized and I don't need to hear it anymore.

When I finally picked out stuff that I still enjoy listening to, it was very nostalgic stuff - like the first Rush album I ever bought, or the first time I heard the Police. Jimi Hendrix, Zeppelin.....old swing music my parents and I liked. Hawaiian music that links me to the family. Dad turned me on to Bach and Mozart at an early age, so that's important. The stuff I like are all originals; like King Crimson, Zappa, Living Colour, the Four Freshmen... But I have literally hundreds of CDs that are just taking up space in a closet that I'll never listen to again. And a new iPod I could store all of it on. What a dope I am - I could've stored the important stuff on my phone instead of thinking I needed all this storage space!
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Old 05-20-2018, 01:22 PM
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Default Re: Buyer's remorse (in another way)

I see what you mean, I sometimes put music on my phone that comes up in conversation that I haven't listened to in years and realise it's trash.

But in another way, the operating system of the iPod touch probably takes up the 8gb of your old nano, and will only swell with time, you've basically futureproofed yourself, and as a happy side effect you can rerip you're favourite tunes at even higher but rates so you can boast on audiophile forums 😉
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Old 05-20-2018, 03:31 PM
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Default Re: Buyer's remorse (in another way)

Since it can be changed all the time with no fuss I keep only what's in use right now on there. Apart from songs related to work I donubt I keep more than 10 albums on there at a time.

The beauty is all the other functionality. In my case, apps I use for practice and teaching.
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