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Old 11-17-2012, 03:46 AM
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Default Tuning my Sonor Selects

I've been piecing together a select force (Red sparkle burst with black hardware...insanely beautiful set) for about a year now, and currently have the 10x6.5 12x7 and 14x14 toms. I'm having a bit of a problem, and I'm not sure whether it's tuning or head choice.

I really want to get some punch out of these drums while maintaining that signature(the regular word, not the line of drums, sorry for any confusion) Sonor hum. I know the drums sound great because for the first week after a quick tuneup they sounded borderline orgasmic. Perfect amount of punch and hum, especially in the 10 inch. But after their first time falling out of tune, i never could get it back.

Right now the 10 and 14 have the stock heads for batter and reso, and the 12, since i had had 12 inch toms before, got an Evans G1, that I had used as the reso on a prior kit, as a batter, and still has a factory reso. (The factory heads for batter and reso on sonor or Remo UTKs)

The twelve inch sounds the closest to what I want, but being in college, i have a tiny budget and really want to make sure I need to change heads before I spend the money (and in his defense it is the bass drum's turn to get a shiny new head, not the toms'). The way I have these drums tuned is tight just to the point where they don't have wrinkles for batter and medium tight on reso.

The heads I had been considering were the Evans G1clear resos on top (what my 12" has) and Resonant glass on the bottom. Does that sound like it will get me the sound I'm looking for, or would I be better off with coated heads on top, thicker bottom heads, or any other option? I've tried G2 clears on the 12 and 14, and they sounded horrid.

PS As a bonus question, I've also been having a bit of extra trouble from my floor tom, the 14" it simply has too much power and I'd like a way to calm it down, so if you could either reflect that in head choice or with a totally different solution have at it. In retrospect I really should have gotten the 12" or 11" depth, and I'd like a way to get a sound that would reflect that preference.
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