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Old 02-03-2012, 05:44 PM
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Default Frustrated but amazed!

I am a drummer and the father of a drummer. He plays with his high school drumline and is so dedicated and talented. All these kids are. He also is the youngest member in the local world class percussion ensemble. The schedule is very intense for a freshman to handle but he keeps plugging away because he loves it and wants to be the best. I hope he wont burn himself out.
I feel this is an overlooked facet of the drumming world. I mean everyone loves marching bands but few realize the precision it takes to score well in competition. Not only the music but the physical coordination and stamina. Try strapping your bass drum to your chest and marching in 4 directions to different counts sometimes stepping in a different rhythm/tempo from what you're playing.
As a drumset guy I never had much exposure to this and it is quite astonishing especially that amongst all this chaos the precision and chops stay steady.
That being said all this is very expensive with competition fees, (excellent) instruction, etc. This is the frustration. My wife and I both work decent jobs and still I can't seem to wrangle any extra cash for things like oh, new drumheads or maybe a used ride. Im not bitching because I feel very privileged to have a son who is so talented and passionate about something we have in common. God forbid he was one of those mouth breathers hanging out under the bleachers at the football game instead of providing a halftime show!
Any other parents with percussive children?
Oh btw it is winter percussion season. Check with your local high schools or sanctioning body for the schedule and try to make it to a competition. You'll be blown away. No winds just drumline, mallet instruments(marimba, vibes, bells etc.) and rack percussion. Sometimes keys, bass, guitar. Check it out!
Don't drum and drive! Actually its free practice time....
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Old 02-04-2012, 02:58 AM
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Default Re: Frustrated but amazed!

I am the father of a 7 year old who has, for some reason, a (from the factory- started a year ago and he is killer at 7!) ability ot play almost anything he hears on a drum kit. I struggle every day to keep it fun and maintain his interest yet keep far enough back to avoid smothering him with drums as he has other interests.

Consider yourself very lucky to have aby who is passionate about something that you can share with him. ENjoy it as time does fly.

Marching band near me in CT is unreal- incredible accuracy and dedication for high schoolers.
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Old 02-04-2012, 03:05 AM
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Default Re: Frustrated but amazed!

my kid will be a doctor so he can treat me for free.
the other one will be a lawyer encase i need to sue the former.
::: if required i'll be on a different forum :::
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