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Default Advice on prices for drum kit/guitars I am selling

Hey guys, I have decided that I want to sell my beginner drum kit and a few of my guitars so that I can get the money for some cymbals and a new kit, and also to start building my own computer. Can you recommend some prices for these items?

Mapex Tornado Rock Kit:

Full drum kit with upgraded Remo Ambassador Coated Skins, only the batter skins for the toms and snare and have been upgraded. The resonant skins and both bass drum skins are still the original unbranded ones that came with the kit.

Included all the hardware that came with the kit including the stool, hi-hat stand, a cymbal stand, bass pedal and tom holders.

Also included are some upgraded cymbals, including the Paiste PST3 20" Ride, 16" Crash, 142 Crash and 14" Hi-hats.

All this for, 300? I think this is a fair price, considering the cymbals cost an extra 150 and there are some upgraded skins on there as well.

Dean Razorback Explosion:

Electric guitar in good condition, it all works. The fretboard is slowly starting to wear, but not too noticeable, I personally like the fretwear, gives it a nice vintage look. Also, there are a few chips on the edges of the guitar where it's been hit around a few times. Barely noticeable, only if someone comes up close and looks at it will they notice it, an audience won't see them.

Comes with tremolo (whammy) bar and premium hard case designed for the Dean Razorback. The case itself is worth about 100. Also, it has been re-strung with Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings.

For the whole lot, I was thinking 650. It originally cost 900 for the guitar alone, we had to buy the case extra from Dean since the shop we bought the guitar from didn't stock them, so it was about 1000 overall. I think this is a fair price, as I said, it's still in full working order.

Encore Blue Electric Stratocaster

My first ever guitar, starting to see the effects of fret wear. Needs new strings, since a couple are starting to become weak. The pickup/tone switch isn't in very good condition anymore, so you need to get the switch in the right position for it to send anything to the amp. Comes with my first ever softcase, not in great condition anymore either, but it works. Strong enough to carry the guitar around or even just to keep the guitar clean when not in use. The jack output needs to be re-tightened, and the strap hooks (don't know the actual term for them, the things that the strap hooks onto) are gone, I don't think it would be possible to add new ones onto it either since the holes for them are a bit messed up.

I was thinking about 30 for it. I think this may be a bit too much to ask since it's not in great condition anymore, but this is absolutely brilliant for home usage and practice since it is extremely light it is really easy to get used to and play with. It's a shame that I have to sell it, but I need any money I can get for my drums.

Jaxville Demon Stratocaster

Got it for Christmas a few years ago, I liked the look of it. However, the guitar itself is very cheap quality, and quite heavy! There is no fret-wear and the fretboard isn't starting to wear or anything, but I think some adjustments for the action and some new strings are in order (the ones on it at the moment are Ernie Ball Super Slinky).

Also, about a year ago, I thought it would be fun to take the guitar apart. Not a good idea. Although the guitar still works, the pickups will fall out of place if the guitar is tilted, which causes the strings to come into contact with the pickups.

I think it could sell for 30 at most. It's okay and can be used for performances, since it sounds okay still, but in my opinion, it's not as good as it could have been if I had not taken it apart!

So, what do you all think on the prices? I want to get as much money as possible from these things without the prices being too high for their quality. I need the money for new cymbals, a new drum kit, a new bass pedal, new computer parts and possbily have a little bit left over to start saving up for the DSLR I want :)
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