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Default Electronic Hi-Hat Question(s)

My church uses an older Roland V-Drum kit in our praise band. I believe it's a TD-10. The pastor has recently advised that we have a little money to upgrade some equipment for the band and asked me what upgrades the kit needed.

Overall, the kit is in really good shape with the triggers all working as they should (nothing really worn out). The one thing that I would like to replace is the hi-hat. The kit currently has just a rubber pad for the hat and a very clunky and not-so-responsive pedal. I normally play everything in the closed position because it is just not worth the trouble, but I would love to get something better and more useful.

I like the Roland hats that are actually two hats that you use a regular hi hat stand with, but have not used them other than playing around a little bit with them at GC. My questions are: What is the model name of this type?
For those of you who have used these, what have your experiences been with them (good or bad)?
Lastly, what can I expect the price to be on these?

Also, sound or kit upgrades for the TD-10 module.....how does this work? Is there a card you can buy to upgrade? What are my options and what price range am I looking at on that?
Thanks in advance for your help!
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