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Old 03-21-2012, 10:54 PM
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Default Roland HPD-10 help - assigning sounds to pedal?

Hello, I just bought a Roland Handsonic HPD-10, and I'm trying to set up a pedal to trigger the kick drum when using the "drums" section. I don't have a proper kick drum trigger yet, so for now I'm using a regular foot switch pedal. I have tried to follow the instructions in the manual on how to do this, and I can make the pedal play all kinds of sounds that I don't want, but the problem is when I scroll through the sounds to find the kick drum sound I want, I only get access to a few of the sounds, and apparently none of the drum set sounds at all..? As I turn the control button (or -/+ buttons) and watch the sound numbers on the screen, they suddenly skip from let's say 063 to 383 and back to 113, then up to 350 again or whatever, and the sounds also seem to skip almost randomly between the different sound groups (latin, world, orchestra etc.), but for some reason it always skips the "drums" group, which is the one I want. Can anyone help me out here..?
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Old 04-13-2012, 05:56 AM
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Default Re: Roland HPD-10 help - assigning sounds to pedal?

I think the chances of you doing that are going to be remote. Unless this patch you created is incredibly simple and I mean very simple you will not be able to do it. Now the reason why. Let us say that your sound "S.N.F." has the amp parameters tweaked (amp type,bass, etc) then you might have Comp set a specific way. Then OD again set specific ways.
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