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Old 02-25-2012, 09:02 PM
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Default Which V-Drum Model is best for me?


Can you recommend the model of v-drums what would best suit my needs, and make the most cost effective choice? Here are the specs I'm looking for:

I love the mesh pads. I also want to use an actual hi-hat stand. I'd like the white mesh kick pad too. I play a small kit (4 piece drums, hats, 2 crashes, 1 ride).

Please note: I'll be using the v-drums in tandem with my Mac-based DAW and Pro Tools rig, using drum sounds within that rig instead of the sounds in the v-drum brain. That said, Is it wise in my case to save some money by getting an older, cheaper brain, then lining out to USB into my Mac?

If I go with a TD 9 model and simply upgrade the hi hat stand and kick mesh pad, then possibly downgrade the brain to save cash, would that be my best option?

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Old 02-28-2012, 08:13 PM
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Default Re: Which V-Drum Model is best for me?

I would search out a used TD10 kit and then buy the TD20 module and VH11/12 separate and upgrade from there. The pads on the TD20 and TD10 kit are nearly identical. Many of the later TD10's came with the CY15 and CY14 cymbals already. There will be a lot of TD20 modules going up for sale soon since the TD30 will start shipping next month. I did the TD10 to TD20 upgrade path when I was Roland (I play the new Yamaha DTX900 kit now). With VSTs, your module becomes nothing more than a pad to midi translator. I would go over to vdrums.com since it is an electronic drums forum.

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