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Old 02-23-2012, 10:28 PM
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Default Vater nude sticks

I have a problem when playing at these small gigs where my hands just sweat and the sticks go flying, although i have been using dave weckl evo vic firth sticks with quite a smooth finish. instead of going to the simple finish 5a standard vic firth stick (always been a vic firth user) thought i'd give these sanded natural NUDE sticks a try. anyone got an opinion on these sticks? is Vater in general a decent brand? (or am i possibly better off with alternatives regal tip butt naked or pro mark the natural?)
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Old 02-23-2012, 11:24 PM
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Default Re: Vater nude sticks

I love Vater and I seem to go back and forth with them and Vic Firth every few years (they started out as a subcontractor manufacturing VF sticks, so the 2 companies have a common history). Their finish on the "finished" sticks seems less slippery to my hands than the VF's or other brands. Haven't tried the nude sticks, but when I've held them they felt quite smooth, so I wonder if they "break in" at all after the oils from your hands soak into them.

Right now, I'm really loving the Vater SD9 in Sugar Maple. It's a big stick but the maple version is so light that it feels like a 5A, and the tone on the drum is a bit rounder.
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Old 02-24-2012, 01:35 AM
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Default Re: Vater nude sticks

I recently tried out the Nude Power 5Bs and didn't really like them that much, they seemed slipperier than finished sticks at first.

What I do is put just a little bit of hockey tape on the butt of the stick, not where your hand goes, just a square on the butt, and one loop around to flatten it out. so it doesn't interfere with where you're holding the stick, but if the stick starts to slide out of your hand, the hockey tape grabs your fingers before it gets all the way out.
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