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Default My Alesis DM8 USB review/opinions

I just got this kit last week and have put a good number of hours into it so far, so I figured I would share some of my opinions on the kit. Bear in mind that this is my first kit and I am fairly new to drumming as well...

The kit was actually very easy to assemble, even though it was my first experience putting together a drum set of any kind. The included instructions were easy to follow. I had everything set up and ready to go in maybe 45 minutes.

Initially there were some issues I had with the kit (hi-hat splash didn't seem to work), the dual zone snare would trigger repeatedly with the rim sound when hit only once. However, I was able to resolve both of these issues by reading the manual and adjusting the settings on the module.

Speaking of which, I think the module is great! There are a good number of sounds and they are all "decent" to "very good", in my opinion. Where the unit really seems to excel is the huge number of parameters that can be edited for each individual sound. You have the ability to layer sounds, adjusting tuning, effects, and a lot more. The parameters for the individual triggers seem pretty comprehensive as well, with the ability to adjust velocity curves, sensitivity, xtalk, trim the open/closed points for the HH pedal, etc. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the sounds and features that are offered. It actually allows much more control than I had originally thought it would.

The pads also seem pretty nice. Again, take into account that this is my first kit. Although I have spent a good amount of time playing a friend's drum set, so in general I am aware of how "real" drums should feel. These pads certainly don't replicate that feeling perfectly but they are quite comfortable to play. Before I got the kit, my main concern was that the pads would be very unsatisfying and feel more like playing a toy than an instrument, but once I got the headphones on (a decent set of studio headphones, mind you), playing on this kit is extremely enjoyable! I would still love to get an acoustic kit someday (and probably will), but this kit will be perfect for me in the mean time, especially for learning the basics and getting better stick/pedal control.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the kit and I've been enjoying it a lot! Of course, it's still a bit early to tell how durable the pads are, but so far everything seems sturdy. For anyone looking for a good starter kit, or even someone just looking for a quiet kit to practice on, I'd definitely recommend it.
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