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Old 09-05-2011, 09:00 AM
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Default Best in-ears for around $50?

I'm sure you can't get anything too spectacular for this price but that's ok. Just need something durable with decent enough noise cancellation and sound for playing live backing tracks. A long cable would be nice too.


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Old 01-19-2012, 09:54 AM
Salbakuta Salbakuta is offline
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Default Re: Best in-ears for around $50?

I find noise/echo canceling software more convenient because you can install it directly to PC. You will no longer rely to headphones or microphones to cancel out annoying sounds.
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Old 01-19-2012, 04:11 PM
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Default Re: Best in-ears for around $50?

I think I would try to raise a little more cash or maybe see if you can get a set of Shure's used, wipe them down with alcohol and replace the foam inserts with new ones.
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Old 01-19-2012, 06:09 PM
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Default Re: Best in-ears for around $50?

The Shure SE 115's can be had for under $40 new. I use them, they do their job well. I paid $35 shipped for mine.
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Old 01-21-2012, 02:18 PM
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Default Re: Best in-ears for around $50?

Software sounds like a horrible way to prevent hearing loss. We're not talking about reducing background noise on an airplane, we're talking about block loud, potentially damaging noise.

I'm very happy with the Shure SE115s I have, but you'll have to shop around to hit your budget exactly. Cheapest ones on Amazon right now are $65, but are well worth the price. They sound great and the foam plugs block sound very well.
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Old 01-22-2012, 03:29 AM
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Default Re: Best in-ears for around $50?

Based on another post seen on this forum, I tried my in ear phones coupled with a set of industrial type ear muffs. Amazing isolation. I can barely hear my kit over the volume of the buds. And their level is not outrageous, either.

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