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Old 01-17-2012, 04:10 PM
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Default Sleishman double pedal--thoughts?

Has anyone played one of these? What's your opinion? If you haven't played it, what's your opinion? Thanks....
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Default Re: Sleishman double pedal--thoughts?

I've been dying to play one this is the ONLY double-pedal that makes sense to me.

both pedals play exactly alike that's the thing I can't. stand with trad. double pedals.

they're about 500 usd through..ouch.

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Default Re: Sleishman double pedal--thoughts?

Never played one but personally would not want one. I dont like the idea of the spread pedals. I have doulble pedals and it just add another one next to my hi-hat, no problem. T make room for that contraption, that would move my floor tom to the right. I like my floor tom where it it, close to my leg and right on the bass drum. I would like to acutally see a tradition set up using one.
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Old 01-17-2012, 05:30 PM
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Default Re: Sleishman double pedal--thoughts?

Never tried them out - might well do so (at the Musikmesse Frankfurt, in March). I find the concept very cool/interesting but this specific design quite unsexy to my eyes (beware - I'm judging the cosmetics, not having actually checked out this pedal).

Even if you're considering the typical disadvantages of different slave pedal feel many double pedals have - bear in mind there are at least some double pedals with pretty identical slave pedal feel (e.g. by Trick). You can't get wrong trying them out before buying - if you can. I've learned that ANY pedal can actually disappoint me if I'm just going by pictures/descriptions and stomp on them for the first time. Sometimes ugly pedals work fine and fancy pedals don't. So my lesson learned is to definitely try anything out before buying, regardless of how cool it looks in the ads.

I'm also considering that it's quite normal to have a strong and a weaker foot. This can be upset by the spring tension, bringing the pedal feel closer together. So why do my feet need identical pedals/pedal feel when my feet themselves aren't identical? (That's my logic.) Rendering the idea to have 100% identical/perfectly matched pedals not a necessity IMO.

The price for the Sleishman is actually VERY reasonable.


There's already quite some info on Sleishman pedals on this forum.
I just did a search for "sleishman" which revealed quite some finds - e.g.:

Sleishman Drums

Off-set, double bass pedals

This forum's member Harry Conway has/plays the Sleishman pedal. He might chime in.

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