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Default Experience with Evans EQ2 Clear batter and EQ3 Frosted batter?

Does anyone have experience with EQ2 Clear batter & EQ3 Frosted batter bass drum heads? Iím wanting to install one of these heads on a Gretsch Renown maple 22Ē kick. My issue is that Iíve been thru a few drum heads that I didnít particularly care for (at-least not mounted on this bass drum). I just noticed that Evanís has sound samples of some of their drum heads, including their bass drum heads. I understand that drum heads will sound different mounted on different drums - but I figure the recordings provide some insight into how the heads sound in comparison to each other. The first Evanís bass drum resonant I was turned onto with my current drum kit was the Evans EMAD set that came with the kit. I know that allot of people love those EMAD heads - but itís not the sound Iím looking for. I'm yearning for a more open, less dark tone then what the EMAD heads offer. After listening to examples of the EQ2 Clear & the EQ3 Frosted, I believe these heads are closer to what Iím looking for. I learned that some feel that the EQ3 Frosted batter offered too much low-end. Iím also confused why the Evanís website describes the Frosted as being brighter then the EQ2. The recordings tell me differently. Anyway, I was hoping I could find some opinions of those who may have tried these drum heads. Which head did you like better & why? Anything you didnít like? Thanks so much...
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