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Old 12-31-2011, 01:50 AM
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Default Has anyone tried the Danmar 206s Zoro signature bass drum beater?

I am pretty curious about but wonder if anyone can talk about the +- of the square beater.

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Old 01-13-2012, 12:57 PM
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Default Re: Has anyone tried the Danmar 206s Zoro signature bass drum beater?

I've got them...still use them. They will definitely not be for everyone.

For those who like the warm, full sound of a traditional solid-felt beater versus the "click machine" beaters that have...maybe...a felt pad, you're in the ballpark here.

I purchased them thinking the flat impact surface would give me "felt tone" with a bit more attack due to the large surface area. This is the case to a limited extent. These seem to be bout the same mass as a Yamaha felt beater, with slightly softer/lighter overall density.

Right before they showed up, I was concerned that a "true cube" wouldn't really work well real-world, because my beater doesn't hit the head with the shaft perfectly parallel to the surface...no flat impact. Well, the "cube" isn't completely trued, so I was able to spin it to a side that hit flush. The slightly softer material let it "age to flat" in about a month...not really wear, but "acclimation" that is no greater than the slight flat spot one sees on a round beater played regularly for a time.

The thing that I notice more than the impact increase is the "body" of the sound...this much surface, with this much mass moves a lot of air in a completely different manner than a small-impact-point beater. Think of a marching Bass beater versus a concert beater and you'll get what I'm saying.

I tune wide open with a full reso head (no hole), so this full "airyness" fits well with my idea of how a bass drum should sound. Guys who are completely into "punch" should stay home...the punch is there, but with a full tone. I can see why someone working in R&B would use it...classic sound with a bit more attack and a lot more perceived "size" or "air" in the tone.

Obvious potential negative, depending on style...there is mass behind this beater. Those used to playing Iron Cobra or "hammer-style" lightweight, self-adjusting beaters will need to reset pedal setting and acclimate to "swinging a bigger bat."
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